Thursday, January 23, 2014


This makes me smile (whether it has a smile printed on the box or not). Reminds me of Happy Meals when I was a kid. I personally love he box over the boring sacks!


Another shot of Zoya Tomoko. Trying to give an idea of how super sparkly it is. (Why do my hands look so pink?! My friend Suzy calls it "lobster hands." The curse of skin with very pink undertones.)


This is Tomoko, one of the new Zoya PixieDust polishes. It reminds me some of my favorite China Glaze I'm Not Lion, but it is missing the holo sparkle. Very sparkly, though!


Beautiful shadows cast by the glowing red Atlanta sunrise.


I'm so glad the maintenance guys know what to do with all of this stuff. I have no clue!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I love seeing the Halloween spin on traditional Easter candy. It amuses me to no end, and I think it is very creative.


Another angle of When Stars Collide. This really shows off the holographic nature of the polish.


More nails. This is China Glaze When Stars Collide, a dark purple linear holographic nail polish. It is a fantastic color on its own, and the holo just puts it over the top. Love!


My boys.


And a shot of my green fabric selections for my quilting project. Aren't they pretty?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This is why Red Lobster makes me crazy. They have at least four (small) groups of people waiting out front, mostly parties of 3-6 people, yet the section we are sitting in has at least four empty tables that I can see from where I am sitting. WHY are there people waiting with this many empty tables inside?!


And a different angle of Ice Dream. (Sorry. I told you, I was really bad about pictures this month!)


And here is Sinful Colors Ice Dream in action. Tiny white-silver glitter with larger blue hex glitter. I really like it!


Some new nail color purchases, all from the Sinful Colors holiday line. These are (L-R): Charmed, Gilded, Ice Dream